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Custom Siding & Roof Shakes

Wood Custom Shingles - Roof Shakes

Bring a look of distinction to the outside of your home with siding and roof shakes from Garys Sandy Shake Co Inc. We create our shingles in Sandy, Oregon, and ship them to your location.

Cedar Shakes

Your home or building stands out with our shakes that appear hand-made. Perfect for siding and rooftops, this popular material features a greater variation in length and width of thickness than shingles. Due to their variation and lack of uniformity, they offer a matchless look for your home or business.

Our shakes usually come in lengths of 18 to 24 inches and widths of 3 to 8 inches. Red cedar is more resistant to rot and insect damage, allowing it to last longer than white cedar, and often comes with a higher price. However, white cedar maintains a stunning, uniform appearance despite harsh weather.

Order our customized cedar siding and roof shakes to give your home or building a distinct look.